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Event Groups according to color

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asked Aug 31, 2023 in Editing by dotcom12161984 (4,400 points)
Example.....I'm listening to a song i have to mix for a client and it has curse words i want to isolate.  There's harsh areas i want to treat beyond plugins etc etc.  for each of these things i have a color i use to indicate things i need to pay attention to, but say i want to quickly mute all curse words at moments notice, currently i'd have to put them on their own track or i'd have to select them one by one.....but why not have the option to create group events to group events together with options like we currently can with track groups.  But i want to take it a step further and be able to create a macro that says Group selected events, set specified color for events, then quickly access those event groups according to either color or group name.  This would be the answer for using shared copies for audio i have a hook that i want to fly over to 3 sections of the song and i can just group those events and color them so wherever they are duplicated in the song i'll be able to edit volume envelopes, transpositions, tempos etc.  for all of them at the same time because they are a part of the group or same color

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