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FULL navigation(zoom, scrolling) while dragging events and tracks to another position, please!

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asked Apr 10 in Editing by Michael1985 (12,640 points)
edited Apr 20 by Michael1985
If you drag an event horizontally to another position, all the shortcuts for changing zoom states, zooming in any way is turned off! So you need to drag the event to the window rim and it scrolls very slow right or left. Even more slower is dragging a track vertically.

There are two nice solutions: turning off the zooming commands while dragging!

2.A Song overview panel for fast navigation where you can drag the event or track on it and you cnage your songposition and then you drop it there!

Some of you now say:"Just use "Cut&Paste" but ther is not "cut&paste" for tracks and in many cases I want to see what is happening and dragging is aways the most intutive and fast way to change the position of events and tracks.

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