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Audio I/O setup reversing the input channels / monitoring incorrect input (S1 6 Artist)

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asked Nov 16 in Studio One 6 by paulrosenberg13 (130 points)
edited Nov 16 by paulrosenberg13

Hi S1 friends - I have a super frustrating (what I think is a) bug going on. I'll try to give as much context as possible. 


Within the Audio I/O Setup Page of S16 Artist, my audio interface (PreSonus 1824c) is connected and shows up just fine, with all of the correct input channels displayed. I'm attempting to setup the correct mono/stereo input channels. What happens, is let's say I have a single line in instrument (guitar) plugged into the Input 4 on the actual hardware interface and I pluck the strings. Within Studio One, it's showing that the input is coming from Input 3 (rather than Input 4). 

What I've been doing to try to work around this, is to just rename the Input 3 to Input 4. This works ONLY within the Audio I/O Setup page. When I go back to the console / track view, and select the Track to Input 4 (actually input 3 renamed), it DOESN'T play. I then have to go back into Audio I/O setup, which then REVERSES again making the correct Input 4 (input 3 renamed) showing correctly. 

This is happening on both my Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 and the PreSonus 1824c. 

I hope I explained this well enough to understand, it's kind of confusing to type out in a single Google Search (all the hits were about reversed audio :/).

Image Link Below. NOTE: You can see the small blue audio input coming in CORRECTLY from the Stereo channel, but INCORRECTLY from Input 3 mono (should be 4)

Hardware Overview:

  •   Model Name:    MacBook Pro
  •   Model Identifier:    MacBookPro15,3
  •   Processor Name:    6-Core Intel Core i9
  •   Processor Speed:    2.9 GHz
  •   Number of Processors:    1
  •   Total Number of Cores:    6
  •   L2 Cache (per Core):    256 KB
  •   L3 Cache:    12 MB
  •   Hyper-Threading Technology:    Enabled
  •   Memory:    32 GB
  •   System Firmware Version:    2020. (iBridge: 21.16.365.0.0,0)
  •   OS Loader Version:    580~439

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