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Studio 1824c ADAT hookup?

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asked Sep 12, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by martinb6 (160 points)
I recently bought 2 Presonus Studio 1824c 's in hopes to get 16 channels using the ADAT connection, however I can't seem to get it working.

I use Logic and Apple. Can anyone help out?? Im relatively new at setting up 2 interfaces, so I'll appreciate literally any help!

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answered Sep 13, 2020 by colinotoole (16,360 points)
selected Sep 14, 2020 by martinb6
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Hi. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure you can't use 2 interfaces at the same time. What you need, as far as I know, is an interface, such as the 1824c, plus a mic pre-amp unit such as the Presonus Digimax D8 or the ********* ADA8200. You connect the interface to the computer via USB and the pre-amp to the interface via ADAT. By the way, I have an 1818VSL combined with an ADA8200 set up in this manner. I hope, though, that connecting the 2 interfaces is possible... good luck.
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answered Aug 8 by steveboenke (140 points)
Hello how to connect 2 1824c's together. using Universal Control 4.1

Connect optical cable on main unit in, to second unit out.
Connect optical cable on second unit in, to man unit out.
I don't think you need both for just recording, but I use both.

Start computer with both 1824c's connected to usb, but turned off.

with UC (Universal Control) running.

Start your main 1824c. (note serial number in bottom right-hand corner) mine ends in (8). let light flash red, blue, red, blue. you can wait till the light settles on purple, but I never do.
Set main 1824c to ADAT.

Start your second 1824c. (note serial number in bottom right-hand corner) this one ends in (4). Both lights should flash for a second then turn blue.
Set second 1824c to Internal

{I use the serial numbers to keep track of which ones which. in UC}

Before you can use both you must set the mixer in UC.

From UC click the second 1824c (S#4 for me) {the one set to Internal}
the mixer will come up.
Set all faders from 1 to 8 to 0db or as close as you can get it, for me it's 0.01 db. [very tedious and a pain in the ***].
And set balances as so: 1,3,5,7. to left and 2,4,6,8. to right.
Then in the mix section
ADAT 1/2 set fader 1 to 0db. balance left.
ADAT 1/2 set fader 2 to 0db. balance right.
ADAT 3/4 set fader 3 to 0db. balance left.
ADAT 3/4 set fader 4 to 0db. balance right.
ADAT 5/6 set fader 5 to 0db. balance left.
ADAT 5/6 set fader 6 to 0db. balance right.
ADAT 7/8 set fader 7 to 0db. balance left.
ADAT 7/8 set fader 8 to 0db. balance right.

You should be good to go.
Just remember every time you start.
Start computer, the main 1824c and let light blink red, blue, a couple times then start the second one.