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Suddenly loosing connection between StudioLive 32SC and Studio One 6

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asked Nov 25, 2023 in StudioLive Series III by stgisler (190 points)

November 2023: Problem with StudioLive 32SC (latest firmware and Studio One 6 (latest update on MacBook Air MacOS Catalina. In the middle of a Session Mixing, Mixdown (but Mixdown is working) etc. suddenly the connection to StudioLive is gone but only a part of the connection. I can turn do DAW Modus and back und the Mixer but NO Audio via Mixer anymore. If I push the Play Button (on the Mixer and in Studio One), it turn's to green but it is not running anymore in Studio One and no Sound. The sound is coming out from the MacBook Speakers if I play an Audio File outside of Studio One.

MacBook is connected directly (no Hub or Adapter) with StudioLive. And after loosing the connection StudioLive is still defined in die Studio One Preferences as the Audio/IN and /Out Device. After restarting StudioLive everything looks fine again. Crazy...

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answered Nov 25, 2023 by Dorday (4,670 points)
I had a very similar problem with my 64s.  After many days of head scratching and frustration, I discovered that it was the USB cables I was using that caused my connection issues.  Get a good quality USB cable (not expensive, but good quality).  I was using an "audiophile" USB cable which was very well constructed.  Turns out that the 64s did not like that cable.  When I went to a regular USB cable (Tripp Lite), it worked great.  Try that.  I hope this helps.  Oh and try to keep the length of the cable 10 feet or shorter.