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Are the Presonus FX's the only ones that have speaker mapping routed to all beds in a 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos bed setup?

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asked Nov 28, 2023 in Studio One+ by jasonbullock4 (120 points)
I'm mixing on an intel Mac mini in Studio One Professional version 6.5.1 and I'm just experimenting with Atmos even though I am currently on a headphones only setup which I understand is not totally ideal.  When in a 7.1.2 bed format, I noticed that the speaker mapping for Presonus plugins have all of the beds mapped but third part plugins only have a stereo mapping option.  I'm checking to see if this is something I have not configured properly or if it's simply something that is the way it is because the plugins are optimized to the DAW and the functionality could come later to 3rd part plugins down the road.  I did watch a video where a track was setup to use multiple instances of plugin and map each instance to two different beds but I'm not very interested (or have the CPU power) in working that way.  Thanks in advance!

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