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How can I play an S1 Atmos project live on Sonos Arc system?

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asked Jul 2 in Studio One 6 by DanDel Negro (120 points)
Hi! Recently switched to Studio One for working in Atmos - love it! Also recently bought a Sonos system: Arc soundbar, 2 Era 300s for surround (rear), and will be adding a sub later this month.

Have been rendering ADM-BW files and using Dolby Renderer to export to MP4s; plays fine in the Sonos app; but would really be great if I could run S1 live to my Sonos systems to listen, mix, tweak...

Have tried airplay (have a 4k Apple TV), but the S1 output prefs say airplay only does 41.1k and atmos needs 48k. Tried streaming via airfoil app and connecting my macbook pro M1 to my TV (has eArc going to the Sonos Arc), but only get stereo playback there.

Considering getting a NVIDA Shield Pro to stream from S1 live - would that work?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - thanks!


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