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no input on Mac. should studio one be listed under microphone in Mac security ? please help answers appreciated !!

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asked Dec 1, 2023 in Studio One 6 by corycritchleycritchley (120 points)
hi,   I recently switched from pc to Mac. currently running studio one 3 artist. I have input and output line level at my interface (persons studio 2/6 usb) but when a track is armed I have no input line level within studio one. Now I know my inputs and outputs in universal control are correct. I feel this may be an issue due to security on microphone within my Mac, when I enter the Mac security settings and choose microphone should studio one be there? I don't see it or anything listed and don't see a way to add it there, so that I can receive input signal into studio one. I have come to conclusion that it should be listed there as I have seen other users questions answered(after losing input signal to check the security settings in microphone after a software update.)

thanks so much for any insight!! pc to Mac is a totally different world!!!!

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