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A Stereo input should NOT have to take up two faders on any brand of digital mixer. Please fix this

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asked Dec 9, 2023 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by KolaKube2380 (240 points)
Yes on the days of analogue mixing this was a thing but now there really is no need.

64 channels can quickly become 32 and its hella annoying.

Please sort this out,  I cant be the only one thinking this.

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answered Dec 13, 2023 by rowanhensley (1,120 points)
Hey there. Just to be clear, you're asking for your 64 channel mixer to be able to handle 64 stereo instruments? Even in the digital world, computers have limited processing power. A stereo signal is processed as two separate signals, with different audio content, origins, and destinations. That's the nature of stereo. A 16 channel presonus mixer has a single processing core. A 32 channel mixer has dual core. A mixer capable of 64 stereo channels would need 128 channels of processing, or 8 cores. And unless half the channels were only available digitally, it would also need double the number of phisical inputs and preamps, which would drive the price up substantially. At that point you're buying a 128 channel mixer, but with only half the faders.