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Save and restore User Fader Layer in UC not working?

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asked Jan 13 in UC Surface / Qmix by maxpacks (140 points)
On the board I am able so save a Project with one channel in the User Fader Layer and another Project with four channels, and then successfully recall them, showing the respective channels in User Fade Layer.

Not so in UC. recalling any Project, the User Fader Layer always shows the channels which were assigned before the recall. I tried that with the obvious filter "User Functions" but then also with all recall filters active. Appears the User Fader Layer assignment is not recalled at all.

Is inconsistency in UC one could call a bug, something I could be doing wrong or some intended behaviour I don't understand?

Not to mention that the User Fader Layer assignment would be more intuitively belong to the Scenes, not the Project.

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answered Apr 17 by mirceapavel (330 points)
Same problem here on UC surface and Presonus Studio 32R