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Scrub Playback on piano roll

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asked Feb 3 in MIDI Editing by akifumikawaguchi (1,370 points)
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Press Ctrl Space and move the mouse cursor left or right on the piano roll to preview the Midi note audio.

I want to check the sound of the chords I just added, and the atmosphere of the melody. That's when I press the play button. When I press the play button while composing and confirming it, I leave the music-making mode and go into the music-listening mode. "This is a great song!" Work stops. Scrub Playback, which does not have a time axis, has no waiting time. You can check where you want to listen and immediately go back to choosing the melody and chords. This is very nice.

The piano roll shows the rhythm. Easy to read. On the other hand, the piano roll does not represent pitch. Difficult to read. You can't tell the chord by looking at it, and you can't confirm it until you listen to it. Scrub Playback has no rhythm information, only the sound. It compensates for the weaknesses of the piano roll.

The normal way to check is by pressing the play button, the part you want to check passes by at a constant speed. When we compose on the keyboard, we play the part we want to check slowly over and over again to check the sound of the chords and melody. Scrub Playback allows us to do this even on Pianoroll. You can listen to the parts you want to check slowly over and over again to check the sound of chords and melodies.

With this feature, the composing process will be less likely to stop, and more songs will be completed.

Dorico, a music notation software, uses Ctrl Space to Scrub Playback

Finale, a music notation software, uses Ctrl Space to Scrub Playback

In FL sutudio, Alt right click to Scrub Playback

Playback/Scrub tool - () enables you to preview the current sequence by dragging horizontally in the Piano roll (thus enabling you to define the playback speed and order). Alternatively, hold (Alt) + Right-Click while in draw mode.

To Scrub Playback with Domino Midi Sequencer, select the Select Tool and Right-click and drag

Studio one can display piano rolls for multiple tracks at the same time. When I have multiple tracks selected and displayed in a single piano roll, I want Scrub Playback to play them……No, I don't know. I'm not sure I need this.

I want to Scrub Playback with Alt + Right-Drag, because I always use Tool 1 (Arrow Tool) and input notes with Ctrl + Drag. How do others want to use Scrub Playback? Is there a better way?

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answered Feb 4 by DavidMaurand (250 points)
Or better, the sequencer window