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Piano Roll - Improved Mouse Entry

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asked Dec 11, 2020 in MIDI Editing by Mikayy (2,810 points)
retagged Dec 11, 2020 by Mikayy

I would like to have a simplified mouse note entry in the piano roll, similar to other DAWs like Ableton Live, Fruity loops or Studio Ones own score view. When I make a note, I want to enter a defined length and beginning. 

This is strongly related to:

Here is some background information:

Currently, there seem to be several variables that seem to have an impact on where a note starts and ends:

  • Quantize value
  • Note length
  • Timebase
  • Snap setting
  • Snap enabled/disabled
  • Follow quantize

This is extremely confusing. The default settings do not make sense to me, as it is not even possible to make a note at the beginning of the midi part, unless you create one and drag it to the beginning:

Related is the problem that pulling your mouse to the left has no effect when drawing a note (this is possible when drawing events!):

By default, the notes should not be entered where my mouse cursor is but it should fit into the grid (e.g., like Ableton).

This following example of behavior that should not happen. The note length is a 1/2 note despite "follow quantize", but the quantization would be a 16th note: 

It should not even be possible to have two shortcuts that affect the note length (confusing!):

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answered Dec 28, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,880 points)
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