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Drag/copy sample from Impact XT pad to audio track for editing

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asked Jun 17, 2019 in Editing by lestervandewalle2 (3,170 points)
I really like all the soundsets and drumkits that came with studio one BUT

when I open for example a MVP Loops kit, I like the samples but I want to edit some of them to make them more personalized or fitting, the only option is : right click pad,  'show in explorer', which just takes me to the Windows folder and show me an unusable soundset not the sample or specific folder in the studio One browser that I'm looking for.

It would be much easier if we could 'ctrl + drag' sample to an audio track, edit, bounce and throw it back in Impact.

(same goes for SampleOne, it would be more useful and flexible if we could just drag and drop between audiotracks and the sampling devices)

AND/OR create a 'Show in BROWSER' option when right clicking a pad (inside studio one, so we can actually acces it and not lose precious time trying to locate the file manually)

I hope my prayers will be heard :)

If there's already a FR for this please let me know because I didn't see any.

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answered Dec 26, 2019 by chrislang3 (1,700 points)
Agreed, would love to see this. Being able to move a sample freely between Impact and SampleOne would be awesome.