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How to Fade Song Volume to Zero at the End

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asked Feb 24 in Studio One 6 by andrewhogue1 (120 points)
I want the song to start fading out at "point A" about 30 seconds before song end. I would like the entire mixdown song volume to be at zero at the song end "point B".

Any videos concerning this I have found do not explain how to do this. Could someone explain how to do this in word form and not using a video link, please? Or at least, provide a link to the proper video which does explain how to do this?



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answered Feb 24 by normanriley (5,570 points)
Right click on the fader and select "edit automation."  A blue line appears. Click the on that line where ever you want the fade-out to begin (point A), then click on the same line at the point where you want complete silence (point B) and drag that second point down as far as it will go.  You can perform this volume automation on any and every track.  It's a very simple maneuver.