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VCA "Ghosts" that overlay on top of faders in Console

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asked Feb 28 in Mixing by simonjameslane (1,690 points)
Requesting the addition of VCA "Ghosts” as an overlay on top of other faders in the Console. What do I mean by "Ghosts"? A semi-transparent red VCA fader cap (if a VCA has been assigned on the particular channel) and if the position of that VCA has been moved from 0db.

This would allow us to quickly see at a glance any automation on a channel without needing the extra real estate taken up by a VCA fader "channel" beside its target channel. VCA channels, while extremely handy, need to be put somewhere, and all of the space above the Mute, Solo and Assignment sections in the default view is essentially dead screen real estate.

Implementation could include a button on the channel near the bottom or RHS of the fader to enable/disable on a case-by-case basis, and a global setting for the same in the console settings.

Also, assignable modifier keys could toggle or latch a clutch mode on the VCA Ghost to become the ‘real’ fader which would temporarily flip the normal level fader out to become the ghost, allowing direct access to changing the VCA for minor adjustments, whether it is automated or not i.e. the normal white (or blue etc.) fader goes from solid to semi-transparent and the red fader goes from being semi-transparent to being solid.

This could help speed up workflow as well the mixing process, by simplifying and minimizing screen real estate needed to visually monitor all the things that are going on (in the same manner that thumbnail views of insert plugins change to display their effect, active state, display waveforms etc).

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answered Feb 28 by simonjameslane (1,690 points)

BTW @joegilder your video on automation is awesome