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AVB vs USB latency for connecting to computer. Which one is faster?

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asked Mar 31 in StudioLive Series III by carlosdacosta (120 points)

I am looking into buying a PreSonus® StudioLive® Series III 16R  with the following purpose:

Use it connected to my computer for my church setting as the main mixer, have all the inputs sent to Waves SuperRack Performer software, have it processed with waves plugins and then sent out the 16R to FOH

My question is which connection to my computer (Mac) should I use, AVB or USB? Which should give me the least latency possible? Which one is more stable?
I know a lot of the latency have to do with my computer processing power, but is there a difference in speed transfer between AVB and USB that I would favor one of them?

Thank you 

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answered Apr 1 by robertweston2 (7,470 points)
AVB is a networking protocol.  USB is a device protocol.  These are not the same.  AVB (with Presonus) will have about a 2ms delay.  USB may be the better choice.  For stability, these are two different protocols, which use different "transport" methods.  AVB works for networking... USB works for device connectivity.  They both are stable for their respective jobs.