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Invisible VST's & Plugins When Streaming On Twitch

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asked May 2 in Studio One 6 by rkeckmaq (160 points)
When streaming live on twitch lets say I open the EQ (which I obviously will have) it is not visible to viewers, is their a box I need to tick to keep it in studio one range rather than allow it to be dragged off screen is this causing an issue ?
All you see is my mouse moving on screen {  }  I provide a link for my twitch stream so that you can see first hand what I am refering too.

DO NOT confuse with missing plugins, this is NOT what I am refering to. (my plugins VST's) are all accounted for and present they are just invisible to viewers I noticed this looking at my saved stream.

1 Answer

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answered May 2 by rkeckmaq (160 points)
Never mind I fixed it (I am not sure) why it did it inititally (because i didnt change any settings within OBS) and it just started working, but what I did do was change to show entire screen 2 not just a window.

Hopefully this was a glitch in the matrix but just incase someone else has a brain fart I will leave this here with the answer.