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portion of audio silent on playback after quantize

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asked May 27, 2016 in Studio One 3 by marshalchilders (280 points)
I am using quantize on an electric bass track to clean up some slight timing issues.  The track is split in a few places.  After quantizing each segment and listening from the start, on the last segment the last note is silent (even though there is a waveform present).  I have got it to play back once after quantizing but to get it to play that last note again I have to undo and redo quantize and I then get only one listen to that note.  I tried changing the order of the segment quantizing and selecting all of them and quantizing at the same time.

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answered Nov 12, 2016 by morrisonmaze (260 points)
Same thing is happening to me and it just started recently. Version  Right after I quantize the notes can no longer be heard. I've tried copying the entire track to a new instrument and it doesn't fix the issue. I can't get them to ever work again and have to manually adjust timing. It's frustrating.
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answered Nov 12, 2016 by morrisonmaze (260 points)
I found out what was happening for me. There was a very small note under then main note. Double note issue basically. After quantizing. These ending up right on top of each other and it was choking out the note. I had to delete the smaller note. Very hard to see as this note was about as small as a note gets. Not sure yet what is causing this tiny note but it's probably something on my end. Hope this helps someone else.
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answered Sep 30, 2017 by jamesshaw2 (180 points)
Experiencing the same issue here. Nobody knows the answer yet?
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answered Oct 1, 2017 by jamesshaw2 (180 points)
Ok, I figured it out. Morrisonmaze had it right; there's a tiny tiny note that ends up choking off the front of each note. This note appears after you quantize for some reason. Anyway, select all of the notes in the track and go to Action --> Delete Small Notes. Then quantize and it should work.