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Select two non-adjacent inputs for stereo input buses?

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asked Jul 5 in Recording by GregFender (260 points)
When I set up a stereo input bus in Song Preferences, I can only select two adjacent inputs.

For example, 1&2, 3&4, 7&8, etc.

I cannot select 5&10, or 1&7, or even 8&9.

If I select a surround format like Cine 3 or higher, I have no such limitations and I can choose any random combination of inputs as expected.

Can we remove this limitation on stereo input busses? It makes absolutely no sense and is a serious pain and is keeping me tracking in Cubase when I'd like to fully switch to S1.

I like to use multichannel tracks to record guitar amps plus a DI, or both raw and processed vocals, for example, and due to limitations in the physical world I'm unable to use two adjacent inputs for this. The easiest solution would be to remove the limitation set by the software, since I can't rebuild my interface.

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