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Side chain from buss channel input

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asked Jun 1, 2021 in Studio One 5 by rodericmege (330 points)


I'm looking for a way to control the output of a reverb in a fx/buss channel with a compressor analysing the input of the buss.

In logic I would :

- Create a buss channel
- insert a reverb and a compressor
- Set the side chain input to analyse the buss input

This way, the compressor controls the reverb by analysing the input of the buss they are both installed in. Simple.

This is a way of lowering the reverb when the singer sings in order to prioritize the singer.

How to do this in Studio One ?

The side-chain input is not displaying the input of the bus, even if a looping is hard to occur here.

Do you have a solution for me, please ?


Roderic MEGE

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