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Is it possible to route the input channels including the FAT channels to a stereo (double aux) monitor mix?

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asked Jul 7, 2016 in Ai Mixers by ronstijnen (150 points)

We use our RM16 as a monitormixer, our problem is we only hear on the inear clean signal without FAT channel.

Would it be possible when all inputs are set including FAT channels to hear the exact same signal on the stereo aux mixes?

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Ron Stijnen

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answered Sep 28, 2016 by PreSonuSales2 (68,140 points)
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Hey Ron, that's certainly possible. When you select your mix, you have three Aux Send Position options: Pre1 (just after the gain, before everything else), Pre2 (post-gain, post-fat channel, but pre-fader), and Post (same as Pre2 but post-fader.) you can read more about it on page 23 of the UC Surface manual: