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What are Mute Groups and How do I Use Them on the StudioLive 32Ai?

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asked May 10, 2015 in Ai Mixers by AlexTinsley (912,010 points)
What are Mute Groups and How do I Use Them on the StudioLive 32Ai?

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answered May 10, 2015 by AlexTinsley (912,010 points)
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Mute Group Section Overview

The StudioLive 32.4.2AI features six mute groups. A mute group allows you 
to mute and unmute multiple channels and buses with the press of a single 
button. With the six mute groups on the StudioLive 32.4.2AI, you could, for 
example, assign the drum mics to Mute Group 1, the instrumentalists to 
Mute Group 2, the background vocalists to Mute Group 3, all the aux buses 
to Mute Group 4, all four FX buses to Mute Group 5, and every channel on 
the mixer to Mute Group 6. 

Then, during the acoustic jam, you can mute all of the drum mics with 
one button. When the lead singer is introducing the band and saying 
“Hello, New Orleans!” you can mute all effects assigned to his vocal. 
When the band goes on break, you can mute all channels at once. And 
when it’s time to break down the stage and start unplugging things, 
you can just lower the main fader and mute all stage monitors with one 


All On Group:  Mutes all Channels and Buses.
The All On group is a preconfigured mute group that includes every 
channel and bus with a Mute button. Pressing this button activates every 
mute on the StudioLive mixer. Press it again to unmute them.
If you unmute a channel while the All On group is active, the All On 
button will blink to alert you that the mute group has been altered.

All Off Button: Clears all Mutes.
When the All Off Button is pressed, any channel or bus 
that has been muted will be unmuted.

Mute Group 1-6 buttons: Engages/Disengages assigned Mute Groups.
When any of the Mute Group buttons is pressed, the assigned 
group of channels or buses will be muted/unmuted. To create 
a mute group, press and hold any Mute Group button.

If you unmute a channel or bus in an active mute group, that Mute Group button 
will blink to alert you that the mute group has been altered. Press and hold the 
Mute Group button to resave your group without that channel or bus, or reactivate 
the channel or bus mute to return the mute group to the saved setting.

Power User Tip: Both the mute groups and the All On group only add mutes to 
your mix and remove the same mutes they added. Mute groups will not clear mutes 
that were active prior to the mute group being engaged. (i.e., if a mute is engaged 
when its mute group or the All On group are enabled, it will still be engaged 
when you disable the mute group or the All On group.) The exception to this rule 
is the All Off button. This button will clear any mute that is currently enabled and 
will deactivate any mute group that is active, including the All On group.

Creating Mute Groups


Creating a mute group is quick and easy. In this example, we will be 
creating a mute group for Channels 1-10, using Mute Group 3.

NOTE:  Mute Groups are simple ways to mute any channel and
output bus on your mixer.  These mute groups are not saved
directly to the scenes but available on the board as a whole and
can be saved between scenes.  Therefore, if Mute Groups between
scenes are saved, they can be saved for that particular scene
loaded and be labeled on the mixer as such.


1. Mute Channels 1-10.


2. Press and hold the Mute Group 1 button. It will flash for one second indicating that 
it is storing the group. When the group has been stored, it will illuminate.