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Studio one 2 have sounds been updated?

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asked Jul 14, 2016 in Studio One 2 by terencedoyle (150 points)
Hello, I have an earlier boxed version of studio one and haven't used it for a while. Thought I would put it back on. I am aware the program version number has been updated and i can download it from the presonus website. My question is whether or not the added content, sounds etc has been updated or would it be the same as I have in my boxed version discs. Just don't want to download all the additional stuff unless it is necessary, thanks!

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answered Jan 8, 2017 by ghasenbeck (354,810 points)
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Depending on the boxed version you have, there have been some very minor changes. This should not effect your overall sound. I would install from your disks to save time and get to making music.