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Power On the Studio 192 or 192 Mobile when Turning On a Power Supply

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asked Aug 6, 2016 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by prock (740 points)

It is typical that the Studio 192 and Studio 192 Mobile audio interfaces are installed in a hardware rack and plugged into some kind of power supply.  The power supply usually has an on/off switch that when switched on, will power up all the hardware devices plugged into it.  Currently, when turning on the power supply which has a Studio 192 and/or Studio 192 Mobile AI plugged into it, these audio interfaces do not power on.  This means the user must also press the power button that is on the front of these audio interfaces to fire it up.  This is inconvenient to many users so it is requested that PreSonus provide a method that a user can choose how his/her AI will power on.  The preference choice would be to turn on the AI by pressing the button on the front of the AI or that the AI will automatically turn on when electrical power is supplied to the device.

Thank you

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answered Aug 7, 2016 by AlexTinsley (911,870 points)
selected Apr 12, 2017 by AlexTinsley
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Dec 11, 2017 by babulmukherjee (520 points)
PLEASE this would be SOOOOOO helpful! :D
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answered Mar 11, 2018 by michelepordon (150 points)
I have the sane problem, it will be very helpful!! Thanks!
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answered Mar 11, 2018 by prock (740 points)

Hi PreSonus, some food for thought about this topic...

Your fairly recent firmware update for the Studio 192 series provided a feature that allows the unit to save/recall the preamp settings after power down.  Maybe this same firmware update thought process can be used to save the state of the units power switch.  Meaning, if a user shuts their unit off using the power button, then that user will have to turn it back on using that power button.  But, if the user shuts their unit using a switch on (for example) a power strip, then that state will be remembered and the unit will be able to power on using that same power strip button.

Of course this thought would be used across your new lines of audio interfaces like the "Studio Series" and the "Quantum Thunderbolt Series" too.

Regards  cool

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answered May 5, 2020 by johanneshinterberger (180 points)
Gosh! That's so necessary!
Its annoying! All devices can be switched on automatically threw power-on with one power-supply-switch. Except PreSonus Studio 192. Please implement this. The Interface is really cool, but this missing feature gives the bad taste of an "unprofessional concept".
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answered May 14, 2020 by stanleyyoung1 (160 points)
Yes!  One button to rule them all!
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answered Dec 4, 2020 by rokko101 (1,130 points)
I'd be great if this "feature" can be implemented... But is it actually technically possible considering the Studio 192 hardware design? I hope so.