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Recording CD player tracks in Studio One 3

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asked Aug 19, 2016 in Studio One 3 by jerryhawthorne (170 points)
I have my band instruments and vocals set up to record. We use sometimes CD tracks for solo's and for the choir. The CD player is connected to AUX 5&6 on the ********* X32. I have the software set to 32 in 32 out. I have not found a way to patch Studio One to an Aux channel.

How do I record the CD tracks into Studio One 3?


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answered Aug 22, 2016 by AlexTinsley (924,570 points)
The question you are asking is how to program the patch matrix in your X32 to send audio from the Aux 5/6 input to be heard on one of the 32 Audio Inputs in Studio One 3. That is not a question we can answer. You'll need to refer to your mixer product manual and look up how patching channels works. You'll need to decided which of the 32 channels, your Aux 5/6 will map to. Then it's just a matter of record enabling the inputs that you're sending 5/6 to to record your CD Player input.