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Firestudio mobile - win 10 - driver error on fresh new install on ssd

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asked Aug 31, 2016 in FireStudio Series by (150 points)

I installed new ssd (samsung evo 850) with fresh genuine win 10, on the same pc where previously all this worked fine: Midisport 8x8s, Firestudio mobile, Access Virus, Roland Integra7, cubase 8.5pro, NI Komplete10

I started to install FirestudoMobile first, following the steps:

- start PC with firewire cable unplugged
- run Universal Control 1.7.4 PC, restart pc
- software found in Software Installed, correctly, no warning
- plug the cable.. nothing!
- controlpanel, devices, Firestudio driver error.. no driver found.

Now I can't go on.. and I'm just at start.. :-(
No problem for me to give you teamviewer access..
sorry for my english!

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answered Jul 5, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (200,390 points)
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Sorry to hear about the recent issues you have been experiencing.

1. Please check this Knowledge Base article to see if your Firewire card is on the compatibility list:

2. Make sure you have all Windows Updates updated on your OS.

3. Use this guide to completely uninstall/reinstall Universal Control:

Please create a support ticket if you require further assistance.