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How do I stop my audiobox v1.3 from trying to upgrade firmware so I can use my 1818VSL?

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asked Feb 22, 2019 in AudioBox VSL Series by craigseager (150 points)
I have rolled back my audiobox firmware to v1.3 and installed it successfully on my Windows 10 (64 bit) machine so that I may use my audiobox 1818vsl without issues since vsl is no longer supported, however the software keeps prompting me to upgrade. Is there a workaround to avoid the firmware upgrade? Someone please help me!

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answered Feb 25, 2019 by ghasenbeck (355,430 points)
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You can either choose to ignore the " Upgrade Firmware " alert or you can roll back the version of Universal Control that matches the version of firmware you currently have installed on your 1818VSL.