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How do I load the Blue Devils presets through Universal Control? Dragging over the desired channel isn't working.

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asked Sep 15, 2016 in Ai Mixers by chrispierceall (150 points)
MacBook Pro 17" Early 2011

OS X 10.8.5

UC OSX x64

Studio Live AI 32.4.2 Firmware SL 1.0.9194

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answered Nov 20, 2016 by ghasenbeck (355,510 points)
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As listed here:

Step 1: Ensure the latest version of Universal Control is installed on your computer. This is available in your account. 

Step 2: Download the .zip archive and save to a new location on your computer.

Step 3. Open the .zip archive and copy all .channel files into the Studio Live AI Fat folder on your computer. 

C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\PreSonus\StudioLive AI\Library\Presets\Fat (View Picture)

MacHD/Users/[Username]/Documents/PreSonus/StudioLive AI/Library/Presets/Fat (View Picture) 

Step 4. Launch Universal Control on your computer and choose the channel presets menu on the far right of the screen. (View Picture)

Step 5. Ensure you've selected the "Local" tab in order to locate the presets you've saved on your local device (the computer). (View Picture)

Step 6. Choose the desired channel preset and click "LOAD".