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Usage purpose differences between UC Surface and SL-Remote AI

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asked May 20, 2016 in Ai Mixers by caseypowell (330 points)
Is there a desired implementation difference between the UC Surface and SL-Remote AI or is the UC Surface to supersede as the most current control version.

The following are a list of differences that I noted, some of which I may have just not found yet, or they may not be present.

UC Surface

- No Scene loading capability?

- Unable to set set/unset digital input?

- Slightly less efficient to make multiple channel name changes

- Channels are only able to toggle main on/off and do not have subgroup selection capability?

-Subgroup controls?

SL - Remote AI

-Not able to load/save individual channel presets?

-Maser output control for aux sends?

-Master output control for FX sends?

Current hardware information.

Studiolive 32AI firmware SL 1.0.7786

Ipad Air 2

-Model MGL12LL/A

-Version 9.3.1

SL Remote-AI

UC Surface

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answered Jun 4, 2016 by ghasenbeck (355,510 points)
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UC Surface is the most current iteration of the PreSonus Control Surface, which initially started out as Virtual Studio Live; with the first generation StudioLive Consoles. UCAI is the initial version created for the StudioLive AI console mixers, which now has evolved into the UC Surface; that controls the CS18, SLAI Consoles and RM Mixers.