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Multiple midi notes stacked on top of each other: How did this happen and how do I fix it?

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asked Oct 15, 2016 in Studio One 3 by alexjason (160 points)
edited Oct 15, 2016 by alexjason

On one midi instrument track -- in the piano roll editor -- I have discovered that there are actually 7 notes "underneath" each note. Each note in this "stack" is identical in duration and velocity. I can click on a note, drag it down and then the note underneath will show. I can drag that note down further -- and keep doing this until I have done this 7 times. Another way to explain this problem is that if I click on and delete a note, it will still be there -- until I do this 8 times. Then the note is gone.

I have no idea how I created all these notes on top of each other. My problem now is how to delete the 7 extra notes in each note stack. If I select all the notes with the arrow tool, all the underneath notes get selected along with the top note so I can't use delete because it will delete all the notes. But if I just click on one note, I can delete just one note at a time.

I discovered this problem because the track instrument was playing very loudly. But when I deleted a segment of notes and insert recorded a new segment, those new notes played back at much lower (correct) volume.  I don't want to play with the gain levels on this track, I want to get rid of the extra 7 notes. I can do this individually but there are many notes in this track. I'm hoping to find an easier way to delete all the extra notes. I would also like to know how I created all these notes so it won't happen again.

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answered Dec 19, 2016 by kevinpaez (140 points)
Were you recording with both a standard MIDI input AND a USB MIDI connection?
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answered Dec 25, 2016 by Strumzilla (170 points)

I have the same issue. I recorded midi and audio from a Roland TD-30 and for some reason I'm getting 5-7 midi notes for each actual triggered note.  Thankfully, the audio sounds fine without any extra information. Interestingly, you don't really hear the extra midi notes but it does make it difficult to edit them after the fact. Screenshot below, that should be two kick drum notes on top with two hi-hat notes below. This was recorded via the USB output from the TD-30 into a Macbook Pro. I was using EZ Drummer as the plugin. Audio was into a Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2. 

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answered May 31, 2018 by hermanvangelder (230 points)
I've encoutered something similar. Try changing the input of your channel from "all inputs" to a specific device you use to play your midi (in my case a nordlead 2 synth).

If this helps it's certainly a bug that needs to be ironed out (let's hope it is in version 4)
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answered Oct 20, 2018 by markbeling (1,010 points)
Hi i am on the latest version of Studio One, and have recently stared noticing an issue when recording stacato notes, whether i use my Kronos or NI Komplete Kontrol to play the notes in. The first couple of notes are as played in but the some notes are sustaining for no apparent reason what so ever.

I have no doubt that there will be a fix

Pls help if you think of what i could be doing wrong

Thank you