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StudioLive-AI Scene & Preset Backup & Transfer

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asked May 12, 2015 in Ai Mixers by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
How is a StudioLive-AI Scene & Preset Backup & Transfer done?

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answered May 12, 2015 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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Your StudioLive-AI and VSL-AI work together to provide you with the ability to not only create and store scenes and presets, but also to save scenes and presets from your mixer to your computer in case you need to recover from an unforeseen issue. 


You should always backup scenes and presets before the following:

  1. Installing a new version of Universal Control
  2. Performing a Firmware Update
  3. Performing a Factory Reset
  4. Modifying your computers hardware
  5. Installing OS updates or re-installs of the OS

It is also advised that you backup all your presets and scenes on a regular schedule (once a week, once a month, etc.).

You can read about the VSL-AI browser functions, including scene and preset backup and transfer in section 4.2  VSL-AI: Browser, starting on pg 20 of the latest StudioLive-AI Software Reference manual:

 To understand how to network your StudioLive mixer to your computer, see the information on this knowledge base article:

StudioLive XX.4.2 Ai - Wireless Network Setup and Troubleshooting

How To save your Scenes and Presets to your computer:

When you first launch VSL-AI, notice the browser window along the right side of the screen. The browser in VSL-AI functions similarly to the browser in Studio One. From the browser, you can see all of the scenes, Fat Channel presets, FX presets, and graphic EQ settings that are saved on your StudioLive and on your computer.

Simply press the "Up Arrow" on a Device Memory, for a scene or preset to load it on your StudioLive VSL Ai menu "On The Disk."  VSL-AI allows you to back up your scenes, Fat Channel, effects, and graphic EQ presets and permanently store them on your computer. Each type of preset can be added separately. In this way, you can back up only what you want, when you want. VSL-AI makes reorganizing all the scenes and presets stored on your StudioLive as easy as dragging-and-dropping a file. To load your StudioLive with new scenes and presets, simply drag any scene or preset from the On The Disk section of the browser to any position in the Device Memory section of the browser. 


Browser locations of the Scene/preset files:

PC = C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\PreSonus\StudioLive AI\Library\Presets

Mac = MacHD/Users/[Username]/Documents/PreSonus/StudioLive AI/Library/Presets

NOTE:  You can Right-Click on a scene in "On The Disk" and select "Show in Explorer/Finder"





To save a scene or preset from your StudioLive on your computer, simply select it from the Device Memory section and click the Send to Disk button. 


Browser Tab Buttons

Displays the Different Preset Categories on Your StudioLive and Computer.


All of your scenes and presets are contained in dedicated folders in VSL-AI. To view a specific set of presets, simply click on its tab.

• SCENE. Displays stored scenes.
• FAT CH. Displays stored Fat Channel presets.
• FX. Displays stored effects presets.
• GEQ. Displays graphic EQ presets.
• BACKUP. Displays any backup logs that have been created in VSL-AI. The 
Backup tab allows you to create complete time-stamped snapshots of your 
StudioLive. This can be especially useful when completing a project that 
may need to be revisited in the future. To create a backup, simply click on 
the Backup button. To restore any backup file, select it in the On the Disk 
portion of the browser and drag it into the Device Memory section.


Add New and Remove Buttons

Creates a New or Deletes a Stored Scene or Preset.


To the right of the On The Disk section of the browser, you will see the Add New and Remove buttons. Clicking the Add New button will immediately create a new scene or preset. Clicking the Remove button will delete the currently selected stored scenes or presets.


Show/Hide Browser

Displays/Hides the Browser Window.


The browser can be hidden from view to provide more real estate for your mix. Simply click on the Browser button to close the browser. To reopen it, click on the Browser button again.