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In StudioOne Prime you only get two recording inputs. Is there the same limitation for Artist?

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asked Nov 2, 2016 in Studio One 3 by jinxedworld (150 points)

I was testing out StudioOne 3 Prime, and tried to record my band with it (a total of 12 Input channels on a firewire mixer). However, in Prime I can only select two Audio Inputs at the same time. Is there also a limitation like this on StudioOne 3 Artist? Is there a limitiation on how many physical recording inputs it can/is allowed to handle?

Thanks a bunch! Great piece of kit to have running alongside the band :-).



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answered Nov 3, 2016 by PreSonuSales2 (68,140 points)
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Hey Dennis, thanks for checking out Prime! Studio One 3 Artist does not have that limitation. In Studio One 3 Artist, there's no enforced limit on how many inputs you can record simultaneously. To see some of the other differences between the different versions of Studio One 3, check out the following page: