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DAW detects inputs, windows does not

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asked Apr 22 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by reidfrankel (140 points)
hi, so my interface is detected by ableton but not windows. my problem is that i want to use a microphone plugged into my interface for other programs in windows, like discord, but when i go to my inputs, all i see is 'line (audiobox usb 96)' and if i select that, i dont get any sound from it. is it possible to have my input 1/2 show up in windows? ive tried running it through other programs (voicemeeter banana) but that program wont detect anything besides line in either. ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. ive tried different usb ports. none of it worked. universal control detects my interface too, so i dont have problems there. ive even tried changing the samplerate, but that didnt do anything either. can anyone help?

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answered Apr 24 by daliborsramek (340 points)

I have the same problem with an Audiobox iTwo. Everything looks perfect in Windows but no actual signal is coming through the interface (playback on the other hand works fine).

Are you able to record from the microphone in the DAW? I can record in Studio One but the signal is quite week there too.

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answered Jun 8 by jonacu (140 points)
Same problem here. My audio interface works fine with Adobe Audition. But on windows the Line-In option don't even show input signal.