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MIDI Input Transformer/Logical Editor ( Rule Based MIDI Editing, Mapping One CC to Another, Etc. )

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asked Nov 8, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by Funkybot (21,570 points)
edited Dec 16, 2017 by Funkybot
I'd like the ability to remap MIDI data within either a Note FX plugin, an Input Transform function, or some other built-in method. Some examples:

1. Turning sustain pedal data into a MIDI note (kick drum, hihat pedal)

2. Remapping one MIDI CC to another (example: CC46 to modwheel: CC1)

3. Converting aftertouch data to another CC

4. Filtering out MIDI data, etc.

5. Randomizing MIDI data (random notes, random velocity, etc.)

7. Remapping notes, creating grooves, etc.

The kind of things you can do in a MIDI transformer (both input and after the fact) are basically limited only by your imagination. Here's an example of similar functionality in another DAW:

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answered Nov 21, 2016 by AlexTinsley (924,900 points)
selected Dec 11, 2016 by ghasenbeck
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Dec 16, 2017 by scoredfilms (6,830 points)
I desperately want something like this. I need to convert CC32 values to Program Numbers... in order to have Notion's rules for articulation switching be able to work with Program Changes. It allows you to have 128 articulations on a single midi channel with any keyboard note range. That also lets you use the same articulation mapping for all instruments (heaven forbid we make anything easy and consistent in life). lol

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answered Dec 16, 2017 by Funkybot (21,570 points)
@scorefilms, yeah, I'm a little surprised that this only has 18 votes. I just acquired a Cubase license (mostly due to the more advanced MIDI functionality) and it's been one of my most used features. There's just so much the MIDI Transformer can do from converting MIDI data from one type to another, to creating velocity grooves, randomizing notes/velocity, etc. It's an insanely powerful feature. My only guess is that because Studio One users tend not to be MIDI power users, that there's less of a need for this amongst the current user base. Whereas I feel like if people who were used to using this kind of functionality were forced to live without it, there would be a revolt.
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answered Jan 7, 2018 by scoredfilms (6,830 points)


Completely agree!

Thing is, S1 doesn't need every feature under the sun. If they just added this, they could claim MIDI overlord supremacy status. If I could get this, program changes in Notion rules, and S1 to actually read incoming program changes (it ignores MIDI-in via rewire right now), then I could switch back from Cubase. S1 is at least 1000x better than Cubase.... on a bad day. I just can't use it anymore. sad



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answered Apr 26, 2019 by jrocamora (1,790 points)
This single feature would make S1 the undoubtedly best DAW for MIDI.
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answered Jan 12, 2020 by robertgray3 (42,610 points)
I keep wishing this was here for small little tasks, technical things for specific plugins, etc, really a bummer it's not.
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answered Jun 3, 2021 by re18 (250 points)
Hello, I have to use heavily complicated workarounds and external software to accomplish this.

This is if any the one lacking feature that gives me 'buyers remorse' with Studio One.

I can easily do this with Cubase, and now with Logic. It's strage that we are not able to transform the input from the get go in Studio One.

In a lot of forums people ask why would anyone even want this feature, it's simple: In most MIDI hardware the MIDI output is hardwired to what physical controllers there are available, and we cannot change that, let's say you want to use a modulation wheel as an expression (CC 11) controller, this feature would fix that. It would simple inform the DAW 'this incoming modulation wheel input should be recorded as expression CC11'.

Also it would set limits on input or ignore input from a prestablished threshold.

I've seen many threads on this feature but they are not grouped together.

Here they are:

And many more.

Here it is on CUBASE

Here it is on Logic Pro X

Hopefully you can use this feature on other DAWs to finally realise its potencial.

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answered Nov 30, 2021 by mobe1 (960 points)
6 years later..... c'mon guys.
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answered Apr 6, 2022 by cyrilgirard (300 points)
I have just moved from Cubase to Studio One and not having any way to manipulate and transform midi data is what I am missing the most ! It is there everywhere in my Cubase template to make different orchestral libraries consistent from a midi controller perspective.

At least if not implemented in S1, having the capability to use third party midi plugins.

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answered Aug 8, 2022 by stefanbenedikt (530 points)
PreSonus, yes please, please, please. And thank you, FunkyBot, for the topic.

This feature is urgently necessary and will have the potential to make me move back to Cubase.

I am working on a project where I rewire a Notion arrangement to S1 and I was hoping to be able to use drum mapping because Notations drum notes do not match the S1 drum sounds. Bummer, the S1 drum map is no mapping, it is just a voice list. Had the transformer on my Atari with Notator 40 years ago.

Please, bring this feature to live!
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answered Aug 10, 2022 by stefanbenedikt (530 points)

Guys, in case PreSonus does not move, go and get the NoteMapper VST:

I just tested and donated. Great tool.