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Please improve Midi CC Automation window and MIDI CC editing

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asked Sep 25, 2019 in MIDI Editing by Orphy (360 points)

Dear PreSonus!

I've just ran into an uncomfortable part of Studio One after switching to the VSL Synchron Player. That part is the MIDI CC automation.
I suspect this is not Studio One's fault (as this screen looks different with other virtual instruments), but this window gets really crowded when using the VSL Synchronized Special Edition (with the Synchron Player). I guess Studio One tries to be smart and figure out what CC the instrument uses, and provide that list in the main part of the window, but that is practically uncomfortable here.

What I usually need to do with those instruments is to add some MIDI CCs to the track for finer controls.
Unfortunately, in this case the MIDI CCs I can choose are off-bye-one in the naming as well: "Ctrl 1-3" for MIDI CC 2 and so on...
I can add this, it works, but that off-by-one naming is really uncomfortable to work with.

Could you please improve this part?
Here are my ideas for it:

* It would be great if the Automation window would be searchable for the CC value
* It would be great if I could rename the automation controller after added to the part (from "Ctrl 1-3" to "Velocity XF" for example)
* It would be even better If I could edit one or more favorite CC list somewhere (with the proper renamings), and include them in the Automation window.
* It would be great if I could add my CCs to multiple tracks as well
* It would be great if I could edit the CC curves for multiple tracks as well
* Optionally: It would be great to have an option to make Studio One fill the area below the CC curve, so it would look even nicer.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!


Here is an image of my crowded MIDI CC Automation Window

Crowded MIDI CC Automation Window & off-by-one CC namings

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answered Dec 21, 2020 by aifuding (320 points)

Here is not an answer but an additional suggest: 

*It would be great if the Automation settings would be saved. 

For example, I usually use CC1 CC11 CC64, I hope I can save these settings so that when I create a new project, these selections could be appeared just like "After touch", "Keyswtich" and so on.