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There is a clicking sound whenever I play or pause recorded audio

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asked Nov 22, 2016 in Studio One 3 by samashley (450 points)
I am using the trial of Studio One 3 with my PC. I have an AKAI EIE USB interface with ASIO4ALL and a good pc with an i5-6500 and 8GB of RAM.

I have just started recording some guitar, but I have realised whenever I press play and pause on these audio files there is a large click I can hear. This also happens when a new audio file starts playing or finishes in the track.

Some help please??

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answered Nov 22, 2016 by philangus (9,750 points)
selected Dec 11, 2016 by ghasenbeck
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I suspect this is caused by a plugin. Try globally disabling all plugins then work from there if it stops when you do so. If it does not go away with plugins disabled, I would have a play with the buffer size settings. The beauty of Studio 192 is that you can have very large buffer sizes to squeeze CPUs more, due to zero latency monitoring feature.
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answered Nov 22, 2016 by philangus (9,750 points)
It's a feature with Studio 192, you can check it out on YouTube.