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I can't get my intruments to play sound through the audiobox itwo and I was wondering what I might be doing wrong.

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asked Jan 15, 2017 in AudioBox USB by jordanrohr (120 points)
I'm working off of a Dell OptiPlex 780 with Windows 10 and recently purchased an Audiobox ITwo and downloaded both Studio One 3 as well as the Universal Control Installer. I can't get any signal from my instruments through either input and was wondering what I may be doing wrong. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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answered Jan 16, 2017 by brandonshepherd2 (140 points)
Had the same problem. Simple fix, Go to your sound settings on your cpu and change your playback and recording to the audiobox it worked for me. Also, make sure 48v is on and mix knob is turned to input position.. Hopes this helps.
commented Jan 22, 2017 by Skip Jones (166,490 points)
48v engaged may or may not need to be on, depending on the instrument.