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Studio One as Rewire Slave

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asked Nov 25, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by monoxide works (1,750 points)
As of latest Studio One 3.3 update (Built on Sep 2016), Studio One still only acts as Master when in Rewire mode. Would it be possible to also have the option to make Studio One a Rewire Slave?

In my case, I would like to use Ableton Live as my Rewire Master. Reason being is that native control surfaces for Live (eg. Akai APC40, Ableton Push) are rendered useless when in Rewire Slave. I would use Ableton Live as a composition tool and maybe also an arrangement tool. But then easily move that over via resampling or bouncing stems into Studio One for final mixing (and of course maybe arrangement tweaks via Scratch Pads).

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answered Dec 5, 2016 by ghasenbeck (355,450 points)
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Studio One can only be the Master when using Re-Wire.
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answered Apr 1, 2017 by jeden_17 (380 points)
Is there any plan to add this feature in a near future? I would like to be able to use Ableton Push via Live
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answered Jun 20, 2018 by mikemanners (1,360 points)

Studio One 4 as Rewire Slave

This issue is still pertinent; and, in S1 version 4 Professional, the developers are projecting Studio One as the 'Dominant Master'. Apparently believing that their product is master over all it controls is rather absurd because, offering a rewire flexibility in Studio One v4 would surely provide a fertile cross pollination between daws, opening-up cross-grade opportunities for Presonus.

Moreover, full rewire capability - Host AND Device - will provide S1 users with more flexibility. I for one would be thankful for it.

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answered Jan 17, 2019 by willemgobel (970 points)
edited Jan 17, 2019 by willemgobel
Now we're in version 4.1 and still no flexibility?

Ableton can act as slave or master for rewiring, Reaper, Sonar, Fruity Loops and Reason can do that to.

When will Studio one be so flexible that it can be master and slave?

This could be a reason for people not to buy and use Studio One beside another daw.
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answered Dec 28, 2019 by harmenderuiter1 (500 points)
THIS is what I'm looking for!
I already filed a support request for this, they pointed me towards this forum.
It is much needed and I know for many people, this is something they'd love to have.

Currently I'm using LoopBe30 as a workaround, but that has limitations like only being able to address 64 MIDI channels because Notion can only handle 4 external MIDI devices, having 16 channels each.

That gives limitations like this:

With a full orchestral template, you might need more than just the 64 channels available and you can't really create a full orchestral template AND have spare channels for instruments you don't use very often.

Presonus support: Could you please check my current requests on this and about this?
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answered Apr 27, 2022 by D306 (140 points)
Hey everyone, just here to also voice my support for studio one having a rewire slave feature