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Master Bus plugins in stem bounce - Workaround ?

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asked Nov 26, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by timoliver (450 points)
Hi - I'm thinking of switching to Studio One V3 from Logic Pro X. I've been using it for a few days and I do like it - however this is an issue for me. I was wondering if there was a workaround.

As a TV composer I am often asked to provide stems for pieces I produce. I need to group the tracks into 4 or 5 stems normally.

First of all - I'd love to be able to export stems by group. I currently would have to set up busses for each group of tracks, which can be fiddly if some of the tracks are already assigned to a bus for other mix reasons.

Secondly - Export Stems currently bypasses any FX on the master bus. It would be great to be able to choose whether or not to do this, or even better to select which plugins on the master bus are used in a bounce. While I remove limiting and multiband compression from any stems, I need to be able to include any master EQ and overall compressors as the TV editors won't have access to my master FX chain once they've assembled their mix.

If there is a workaround I've love to know.


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answered Dec 11, 2016 by matthewgorman (51,840 points)
Thank you for your input into the development of Studio One.