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Can we get the ability to bus the output of an FX track back into it's input? For feedback delays (dub reggae style).

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asked Oct 11, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by gregfries (440 points)

Hey there,

A common feature in other DAWs is the ability to route the output of an FX channel, down a send, and back into the FX channel itself. You can do this in Ableton Live and Propellerhead's Reason (video examples below).

The purpose of doing this is to create a pleasant feedback delay that you can automate. This is a tremendously important technique in the dub reggae genre of music.

To describe what I'm talking about further, let's say you have the following scenario. There is an audio track with a keyboard part on it. Additionally, there is an FX track with a delay plug-in on it. Next, as typically, one would bus the audio track to the FX track to hear the delay on the keyboard.

Now here is the "unusual" part, and the feature I'm asking for:

The next step in the scenario is to then route the output of the FX track BACK into the FX track's input.

You can then ride/automate the fader on this rerouted signal to get very, very pleasant results. Here are video examples of it being done in Ableton and Reason:

Example in Ableton Live (skip to 4:14 to see what I'm talking about):

Here is an example of the same technique done in Propellerhead's Reason:

Please let me know if this feature request needs further elaboration. Thank you for your support, and for continuing work on the great product that is Studio One.

Here is the info. to make my question more likely to be answered:

  • Your Computer Make and Model
    • I have a custom built Windows PC. Intel 7 CPU w/32 gb ram. Couple hard drives. What else is relevant?
  • Operating System and Version
    • Win 10
  • Application Version
    • Studio One 3.5.2
  • Audio Interface and it's Driver Version
    • Zoom UAC-2
  • Digital Mixer and it's Driver/Firmware Version
    • None at the moment
  • Fill out as much detail as possible in the "More Information" area
    • I love pizza and coffee but not together.

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answered Nov 27, 2017 by Skip Jones (164,430 points)
selected May 22, 2018 by AlexTinsley
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Feb 4, 2020 by jasonmika (240 points)
Thanks for confirming this as I was getting frustrated and struggling trying to create the dub style routings I had on my analog desk feeding back through compressors and limiters to saturate the delays and ride the feedback levels.

This is disappointing to not have the ability to route a ch back into itself .

I would also like to see this limitation removed and the ability to patch a feedback loop.