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drum machine: a well made screenshot inside!

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asked Nov 29, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by Michael1985 (8,900 points)
edited Dec 11, 2016 by Michael1985

Nerve has blocks which have two functions, horicontally as trigger and vertically as volume or other parameters which can be assigned freely. These blocks are also available in breaktweaker, but with one important difference: you can create really short triggers inside one block! this creates many additional possibilities from basic rolls whit speed changes and complex changing tonal timbres.

No, these deep features are no must but the possibility to create different drum articulations within one block and even speed changing rolls. No presets like in Battery 4, but maybe an editor where you can set different micro triggers inside one block.

These blocks should be always 16th, but can the changed to tripled and with swing.(If you need 32th or even faster, you can use micro triggering inside a block)You can create poly rthythm with different lenghts. The Note FX Repeater shows how the basic blocks should work without these micro triggering.

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answered Dec 11, 2016 by matthewgorman (51,870 points)
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