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Latency Using Midi Keyboard

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asked Dec 13, 2016 in Studio One 3 by robertthreadgold (260 points)
Hi, I recently upgraded to S1 pro, upgraded the PC and also purchased Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen. Since this the latency figures look extreme, and sound it too, when I play a note through the MIDI keyboard I hear it 1/2 sec later.

I'm using a bespoke built PC. Windows 10 Home, Intel i7 processor, ASUS Z170 ******, 32Gb RAM and this is running on an SSD.

Under S1 Audio Setup The Input Latency shows 240ms and the output 320ms. This is with a default of 3840 samples device and internal, 16 bit, 48Khz.
If I unlock the block size and change internal block size to 32 samples, the latency figures dont change much.

When I use the keyboard I can see the midi light up immediately next to the relevant track, but the delay is between this and the audio channel strip lighting up.

I'm sure there's a simple explanation to this however, I've not been able to find it as of yet, and tried for a few days now.

Any pointers please, or other signs to check for an indication of where my trouble is?

Thanks, Rob.

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answered Dec 15, 2016 by robertthreadgold (260 points)
... this was down to the Focusrite USB driver not being properly installed. Thanks.