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Be able to use touchscreen input to control vst input on record

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asked Dec 21, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by williamswarner1 (1,370 points)
As of now on the multi touch capabilities I can utilize it to control knobs sliders select stuff drag and drop and generally tweak out my sound a lot easier as multi-touch helps bunches when using the mixer on the eq ect. However that is not my request (but they could use a little polishing up) my request is that the virtual pads i am playing onscreen that I can hear in studio one 3 actually record when you record and that I dont have to either paint the note or use my nanpad2 externally to record with, also important because i have plugins that have step sequencers i just cant use in studio one at all because like the keypad onscreen it does't record the sequence i have arranged in the vst to utilze, this is kinda putting a crimp in my creativity and is part of the reason I invested in the vst plugin at all, most software i get has that ability built in and i figured at around 100 bucks it would be more comprehensive than it is i guess, even majix music maker 16 (priced $50) has vst support, but cannot handle as many tracks or as much information as studio one, this hasn't been a deal breaker here by any means but I would like to keep my workflow inside of studio one3 as much as possible.

So the feature request is like this if I hit a pad onscreen on vst or instrument and channel is armed and i arm record it "should" record that input as if it were issued through midi or the qwerty keys and when i make a sequence on a vst studio one should allow me to record that onto the track, i dont know how you would do this because I am not familiar with the programming involved but I am sure that you guys could make it happen.

Also native Jbridge support would be nice the amount of 32 Bit vst instruments out there are incredible and many are still being made, I use 64 bit programs because I have a 64 bit machine and I can utilize all of that machine as long as the program will let me, however to be stuck with 32 bit plugins when im using 64 bit machine and 64 bit version of studio one 3 is limiting.

I can attest Jbridge works well with studio one3 and that i would rather have this feature built in rather than bridge the files necessarily, the 64 bit version of studio one with jbridge patching those files to be 64 bit By wrapping them makes them work great actually they sound superior to before they were wrapped, and most work awesomely of course because its not native the wrapper fails on them occasionally and I have to rewrap everything. so i guess there are 2 feature id like to see both relating to instruments . Thank You if you actually stop to read and consider this request. May the music in our hearts live forever.

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answered Dec 22, 2016 by -Luis- (21,710 points)
selected Jan 11, 2017 by mattcaprio
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answered Feb 26, 2017 by williamswarner1 (1,370 points)
I don't know why someone down voted this obviously they do not use touchscreen, when I can play a vst onscreen it draws me into the screen containing my production even more than my midi controller or the paint feature in the piano roll then i want to be able to utilize that, also the pads onscreen do not always match the configuration of my actual pad input control and it is sometimes easier to make the beat onscreen than to try to figure out the controller mapping for every instrument, this would increase the workflow possibilities for those of us who use touch inputs as well as mouse and keyboard and midi controllers, also this program needs a way to make it fullscreen as I lose dpi and those few pixels would make it easier to use touch-input as I am visually impaired and the small text and size of touch inputs make them hard to use but not impossible, the main reason for this is I have vst pads that use no regular midi controller input as far as I can find but the onscreen input works but the instrument will not record because onscreen input is not recognized the playback is but no record, so for me it is a matter of either this function works or i lose instruments that work no other way in studio one, this would also mean that I may need to change DAW softwares in the middle of my production just to make a beat or effect thereby slowing my production down, I use and recommend studio one because I can go from studio to release with great ease most of the time this would continue in that tradition and be a great feature for those of use who use touchscreen, the paint in the piano roll is great but time consuming and doesn't always put the notes where intended on in the timing intended