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How do I delete just one or two files in recent files without deleting others

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asked Dec 30, 2016 in Studio One 2 by musicman60 (160 points)

My question is a simple one. I have a studio one 2. In the file section if I want to delete just one or two files how do I do it. In the drop down where it says recent files it brings up all my song files. I'm afraid if I click on the bottom where it says  clear recent files I might delete all my files. How does this work?  Thanks for any help, Mark

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answered Jan 17, 2017 by maxstratmann (42,510 points)
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You can right click on the recent files that you want to remove from the recent files pool.

This does not delete the songs and their information, it only removes them from the recent files section. You can always open the files again by clicking on "Open an existing Document."