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All my songs I have in recent files can't be found. How do I recover, and can I recover them.

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asked Dec 6, 2020 in Studio One 5 by brianpackard2 (120 points)
All my songs I have in recent files can't be found. How do I recover them, and can I recover them?

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answered Dec 6, 2020 by wesleypeterson (20,890 points)
Are you on Windows? Have you checked whether the songs are still on your hard drive? Are they on a secondary drive that's not showing in File Manager?  If they are where they should be just reload them by clicking the .song file (hopefully they will work from the recent menu after) But they could have been moved or deleted. If they're moved, yay! If they're deleted, sorry dude, the more you use your computer the more likely they will be gone forever. A program like 'Easeus Data Recovery'' (I haven't used it in a few years and there are a bunch of similar programs) can restore deleted files as long as they're not overwritten ( Windows deletes files by removing the first letter in the filename, it's how it marks the files to be overwritten . But they are still on the drive until they are overwritten) The best thing you can do if the files are deleted is to pull the hard drive and put it in another computer to scan it as a secondary drive, or clone it to a an external drive. I would put it in a secondary machine and clone it there but I'm paranoid (In the future I'd recommend having all your data on a secondary hard drive for this reason.) That way windows temp files, internet cache, etc. won't overwrite things and you'll have a higher chance of recovery. Installing any sort of new program is going to have a pretty good chance of ruining some of your data, which is why you would want it on another hard drive or the drive itself in another machine. Good luck and I hope the files were only moved.