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closed DONE DONE DONE! Random percentage slider for note length, pitch and velocity

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asked Jan 1, 2017 in Completed Feature Requests by Michael1985 (12,700 points)
closed Jan 7, 2021 by arndkaiser
A percentage slider from 0-100% for note lenght, velocity and pitch could be a good root for inspiration. The note lenght is from very short (staccato) to full lenght (synced value, as example 1/8th). The pitch is from o notes to over all octaves randomized.

With this we could get some inspirations like with the random mode of a step sequencer. But with one important difference: the core rhtymic pulse stays the same, so it is just the values which dont affect the trigger start and midi note amount which is selected!

But using it with small amounts, it could vary a pattern.
closed with the note: Done. Done. Done. :)

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answered Jan 9, 2017 by AlexTinsley (924,630 points)
selected Jan 10, 2017 by ghasenbeck
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Jan 10, 2017 by philangus (10,130 points)
Yes, I believe I asked for this a while ago. I thought I had found a solution for the velocity using the compress option, but this does not appear to do anything like what I expected. I am guessing what you mean is if you have (to keep the example simple) three notes, the velocities being 10, 40 and 100 and you adjusted by about 10% then it would lower the highest to 80, raise the 10 to 11 and the 40 to 44 (or thereabouts). this is a great way to even out peaks and troughs. Another way to do it is to leave everything as it is but have a minimum and maximum value so you could set the max to 80 and the minimum to 20 which would raise everything inaudible and get rid of possible transients.