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"Do not show this again" option for reconnect MIDI devices confirmation message

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asked Jan 14, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by Scoox (13,230 points)

After clicking the button Options > External Devices > Reconnect... a confirmation dialogue pops up, as shown in the image below, and users need to click OK each and every single time. It's not a show stopper by any means but reconnecting MIDI gear on Windows is such a frequent thing to do that it would save a lot of unnecessary clicking if the dialogue had a "Do not show this again" checkbox. The following picture is a mock-up of what this might look like:

3 Answers

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answered Jan 17, 2017 by rickycooke (4,810 points)
There's already an option to turn that dialogue box off, at least on Mac. I'm not in front of S1 right now but its in the preferences pane, perhaps in advanced. When I get back in front of it I'll check back and tell you exactly where it is on my Mac system.

On second thought, I'm referring to when you first open S1 and the "missing midi device" dialogue pops up. After re-reading your request, I believe I'm speaking of something different. My apologies.
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answered Jan 17, 2017 by Scoox (13,230 points)
In any case, if you agree with this suggestion, you should consider up-voting it, thanks :)
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answered May 5, 2019 by chabchab (370 points)
edited Jun 4, 2019 by chabchab
EDIT: I've removed my comment because I've simply missed the checkbox "Notify me if devices are unavailable when Studio One starts" which solves my problem.