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Quit boot everytime and impossible to boot

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asked Jan 22, 2017 in Studio One 3 by ericgourlain (310 points)
Studio one demo is impossible to boot (it worked before) : it quits boot after the line talking about Rewire.

I have been reinstalling few times nothing change



Hackintosh Yosemite i7

Apollo Quad firewire with thunderbolt card version 9 UAD

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answered Jan 26, 2017 by lawrencefarr (221,410 points)
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 it quits boot after the line talking about Rewire.

Refresh your application settings files using the following method  (if Studio One is hung or frozen during launch, first force quit the application)...

1.  From the Finder toolbar, click Go, hold Option, and click Library

2.  Open Application Support/PreSonus Software/Studio One 3

3.  Delete all files and folders except for the user.license file

4.  Launch Studio One 3 and test for this issue again.  If the problem still exists, please feel free to copy your settings files back over from the backup you created in step 4.

*If you are missing any Sound Sets after doing this, simply go to Documents>Studio One>Sound Sets and double-click one of the files.  

And see if that clears up the issue.