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Can you please tune the organ and then redo the sample?

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asked Mar 2, 2017 in Notion Feature Requests by williamsmith6 (280 points)
This is pretty self-explanatory, I think.  The sound sample for the organ is so out of tune it's painful.  Writing for trumpet and brass is simply impossible.  

Whatever steps need to be taken to fix this, OR better yet, if I can fix it myself within the program, please let me know.  

Thanks much.


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answered Mar 2, 2017 by mblouin (950 points)
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We've actually addressed and Fixed this! ♦

Please go to your PreSonus account and re-download the Keyboards sound set. 

Then Navigate to Notion>Preferences>Audio>Samples Folder (at the bottom) and reselect the folder. This will force Notion to rescan the folder for sounds and rules. smiley