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Each time I update Studio One 3 Artist the program freezes my pc when trying to open it.

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asked Mar 14, 2017 in Studio One 3 by danielhoehne (170 points)
Doing a system restore to a point before the update fixes the problem. I think it may be connected to the C++ file that installs on update. Is there a fix for this.

I7 processor

win 8.1, fully updated

Dell Laptop  

8gb ram

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answered Mar 15, 2017 by gadget69 (31,150 points)

Kind of hard to answer the question with the information provided... My I suggest that you go to your "My Presonus" account (if you haven't already done so please set one up and register your Presonus hardware and software) and make sure you are on the latest versions of drivers, and software. Please also start a tech service ticket in the meantime and get your issue before the tech can always cancel if we find a solution. It's important that you make sure your using the most up to date drivers and software for your platform. Otherwise it will be difficult to find a solution.

It being a laptop, have you streamlined your computer for digital audio production? A keyword search in google should offer multiple suggestions and procedures. Laptops have all sorts of power saving and processor features that can cause issues, although on the surface, unless your laptop is infected, you should have sufficient speed and memory to do the job. Have you been through the Knowledge base

to see if there are any solutions for your system? Sometimes there are issues with certain hardware, (and frankly I am NOT a fan of windows 8...) that can cause issues, and usually the solutions to those are found there.

The C++ is a recent solution to some issues that came up and is a resident of the new installation process. Hopefully there is a solution somewhere in this, or you will get help from the Tech service guys.

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